Cast Iron Breakfast Fried Egg Pancake Omelet Fry Pan

  • Cast Iron Breakfast Fried Egg Pancake Omelet Fry Pan
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  • Cast Iron Breakfast Fried Egg Pancake Omelet Fry Pan
4 or 5 Mould Multi-Portion
Mould size each: D90xH25mm
Omelette Pan perfect for an omelet, fried eggs, pancake, patties, etc.,that can be made at the same time. Suits for kitchen, restaurant, hotel, and all kinds of parties.
NZ$ 73.91 - 102.61
Availale in 4 or 5 Portion
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The anti-heat wood handle feels comfortable.
Material: Cast Iron with wood handle
Suitable for: induction cooktop, oven, and gas stove/gas burner
'    Store cleaned and seasoned pans in a dry place. If stacking pans that will nest together, place a layer of paper towel between each. Don't store cast iron pans with their lids in place unless you put something between lid and pan to allow air circulation.
During Use:
'    Heat a pan on a burner slowly, first on low, then increase to higher settings. Avoid using metal utensils with sharp edges or corners. Avoid cooking acidic foods that may compromise your seasoning. Allow a pan to cool on its own to room temperature before cleaning

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