Cuisinart Grill Pan 28cm

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  • Cuisinart Grill Pan 28cm
* Stainless Steel Cast Handles
* Superior Heat Conduction
NZ$ 107.00 including GST
NZ$ 93.04 excluding GST
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For over 30 years, Cuisinart® has been producing the very finest kitchen equipment to ensure that chefs at home, as well as professional cooks, have the necessary quality tools to express their creativity and create culinary delights!

Chefs iA+ builds on the fundamentals of superior quality and design and takes it to the next level adding that extra advantage.


· Stainless Steel Cast Handles
French inspired cast handles, providing the ultimate in design and functionality. Riveted for added strength. 
· Superior Heat Conduction
Professional gauge, hard anodised aluminium construction, distributes and retains heat evenly.
· Induction Ready
Induction compatible base offering greater energy efficiency and superior heat conductivity.
· Whitford Quantanium Non-Stick Coating
Durable PFOA Free Non-Stick coating for easy cleaning and lasting food release
· Constructed to Last
Limited Lifetime warranty.

All Cuisinart products are designed to be easy to use and are engineered to ensure excellent performance day after day.

Cuisinart Chef’s iA+ Non-Stick is an investment that will prove its worth every time you use it.

Built on the fundamentals of superior quality and design, a professional gauge, hard anodised construction accompanied by an induction compatible base, gives this cookware range the platform for the ultimate performance.

With French inspired cast handles, riveted for added strength and a non-stick Quantanium coating by Whitford, cooking with Chef’s iA+ will give you countless years of effortless and reliable cooking.

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