Guzzini SL-KAA9 Commercial Double Induction Wok Cooker

  • Guzzini SL-KAA9 Commercial Double Induction Wok Cooker
1250W x 800D x 1200H

Dimensions: 1250W x 800D x 1200H


The 2 Burner Guzzini Induction (Wok & Pan) Cooktop is equipped with a built-in Kitchen Faucet, Sink, Sewer and large Digital Display. It comes with a Slip Bar Switch Magnetic Induction Control to control the Power Level easily. This multiple function unit not just saves Kitchen Space but meets every Cooking need for increased efficiency.

This upgraded Commercial Induction Wok Cooktop using a 600mm Wok cooks large quantities food very quickly.


German Black Glass Ceramic Panel

8 Built In Hi – Speed Exhaust Fans ensures the durability of all the Electrical Components

Unique Copper Coil Energy Gathered Technology

Heavy Industrial Design Circuit Boards

Because of the full oil sealed incorporated process, the circuit boards run to a much higher efficiency

Power Rating: 2 x 8000watts – 380v 50Hz

Minimum Wok size-550mm

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