Guzzini Double Tank Induction Fryer

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  • Guzzini Double Tank Induction Fryer
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Quickly, easily, precisely and safely cook with the Guzzini high efficient heay duty frestanding induction range.

Perfect for catering and restaurant thanks to it's compact, low-profiled freestanding design, this unit relies on ultra efficient induction technology to fry food products.

This process is flame-less and heats only the pan and it's contents, making it an incredibly safe and cool range. Plus, this particular unit is outfitted with a sensor that prevents operation unless a proper pan designed for induction use is placed on top, which helps ensure a safe effective cooking environment at all times.

The induction fryer is equipped with a variety of safety features including:

  • Over heat protection
  • Small article detection
  • Pan auto detection function
  • Empty pan shut off
  • German IGBT
  • Stainless steel framer hobs
  • Overheat system protection
  • Commercial high flow fans
  • 90% efficiency rating
  • Stainless steel feet for support

Manual Control Models

Pushbutton Control

Temperature Range: Max 240C

Timer Range: 0-180 minutes

Cooking Mode: 1-6

Volume: 9L-13L+9L-13L

Find this items Specs here:  Guzzini FE-2T09A Induction Fryer

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Fax:(07) 3471833

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