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  • Guzzini General Purpose Detergent -5L
  • Guzzini General Purpose Detergent -5L
NZ$ 21.25 excluding GST
NZ$ 24.44 including GST
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A powerful concentrateed bio-degradable lemon detergent.

Ideally suited to a wide range of cleaning tasks.


  • Can be used for cleaning practically anything where there is a requirement for a strong commercial detergent including:
  • Dishwashing
  • Vehicles: cars, boats, trucks, bikes, caravans
  • Interiors: walls, ceilings, bench tops, sills, etc
  • Appliances: fridges, microwaves, stoves etc
  • Exteriors: footpaths, driveways, weatherboards etc.


  • Dilute in warm or hot weather to required concentration (typically 3-5mls per litre of water)
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

NSFSA Approved C32 (all animal product except dairy)

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