Guzzini GN-650TN Upright Refrigerator Cabinet

  • Guzzini GN-650TN Upright Refrigerator Cabinet
* Dimensions: 740 x 830 x 2010 mm,
* Net Volume: 650 Liter
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* All Guzzini products must pass numerous quality control inspections throughout the manufacturing process.
* All Guzzini products are operated and monitored for a minimum of thirteen hours prior to packaging and
* All Guzzini Products are CE& IEC approved .
* All Guzzini products come with full one year parts warranty

* Digital controller system ,automatic air defrosting system and on-off switch

* Designed for effective operation in high ambient 43°C environments, and built to withstand the rigours of

day-to-day operation

* Self-closing doors fitted with easy to clean, replaceable magnetic balloon gaskets

* Delivered to site with heavy duty, non-marking swivel castors with brakes for superior mobility and

designed to fit through a standard door for ease of positioning

* The ventilation refrigeration system positioned outside the refrigerating chamber allows an even air

distribution inside the cabinet and gives extra storage space.

* Adjustable internal shelves size in GN1/2 size

Dimensions: 740 x 780 x 2010 mm

Net Volume: 650 Liter

Temperature Range (℃) -12 to -18

Ambient: T

Doors: 1 solid / auto-closing

Shelf: 3 ,GN1/2

Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz) 220 – 240 / 50

Input Power (W) 500

Compressor (HP) /Gas Embraco /R134a

Type of Cooling: fan assisted

Type of Defrost: automatic

Controller: digital

Body Constuction: Stainless Steel

Condenser: Pure Cooper

Wheel: Castor

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