Mix-2010/AW Wall Hanging Milkshake Machine

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  • Mix-2010/AW Wall Hanging Milkshake Machine
NZ$ 523.25 including GST
NZ$ 455.00 excluding GST
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This milkshake machine has a powerful 2 speed motor for preparing perfect milkshakes or thickshakes

  • Ideal for cafes and fast food outlets
  • 2 speeds with waterproof automatic switch
  • Made of extremely durable ABS
  • Polycarbonate cup prop
  • Specially designed with hanging cup
  • The operation starts by putting the cup in position
  • Supplied with one stainless steel cup 900ml
Model Mix-2010/AW - Black
RPM 15,000 - 22,000
Power 0.35 kW
Voltage 230V / 10Amp Plug

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