My Way Alex Pid III Coffee Machine

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  • My Way Alex Pid III Coffee Machine

Alex PID III is a Single Boiler Heat Exchanger (HX) Model, equipped with Electronic Thermo Regulation and Stainless Steel No Burn Steam Wand and Hot Water Spigot. ALEX PID is suitable for both Home and Commercial use.

The Machine has the ability to take Water from its own Reservoir Tank or direct connection to Water mains.

A simple Switch converts from one to the other. Unlike other Mains Connected. Domestic Machines, ALEX PID has the ability to connect the Drip Tray to a Waste Outlet.

These extra features put the ALEX PID in the same category as a professional machine. The very quiet Rotary Pump gives more controlled Power and reliability, the larger Boiler as well as extra capacity ensures far better Pressure stability, and the larger Heating Element will ensure that all this extra capacity gives extra performance and quicker recovery time.


Low Water Tank Alarm

Lever Action Semi-automatic E61 Commercial Brew Group

Commercial Rotary Pump and Motor

Gicar PID Controller in place of Pressure Sat

Switch for use with Water Supply or Internal Tank

Large 2 litre Insulated Horizontal Boiler

Two Commercial Manometers, one for Group – one for Pump

Steam Tip with four 0.9 Holes

Large capacity Drip Tray with Drain Kit included

Resettable Hi limit

Automatic Water Level Control

Voltage/Frequency 220-240V/50-60HZ

Power 1670 Watts

Boiler Capacity 2 litres

Water Tank Capacity 2.3 litres

Width 370mm

Height 430mm

Depth 440mm

Weight 32kgs

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Phone:(07) 3488430
Fax:(07) 3471833

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