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  • Sunnex Electric Chafer with Cover
  • Sunnex Electric Chafer with Cover
Round 3.8L Electric Stainless Steel Chafer with Stainless Steel Cover
NZ$ 207.00
NZ$ 41.40 (a 20% discount)
NZ$ 165.60 excluding GST
NZ$ 190.44 including GST
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  • 220V AV, 50/60Hz, 420W
  • CE approved
  • Automatically cut off thermostat for safety
  • 3.8 litre round food pan
  • Stainless steel cover

Sunnex 83 Series electric chafers are designed to keep food warm within the food pan or soup warmer within the bain maries in the chafing unit. Different combinations of food pans and bain maries cater to different needs.
This series offers simple operation by turning the temperature control knob fully clockwise at the maximum setting.

Product Dimension

L X W X H(mm): 415x345x235

Carton Dimension

Dimension of Outer Carton(mm): 381x381x197
Net weight per Outer Carton(kg): 3.72
Gross weight per Outer Carton(kg): 4.55
Qty per Outer Carton: 1 SET

Contact Details

(07) 3471833

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