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  • Tecnosystem Voila 311 Espresso Machine
  • Tecnosystem Voila 311 Espresso Machine
Espresso coffee machine with automatic lift.

For pods.

This stylish espresso coffee machine has been designed considering four functions:

  1. An Italian espresso coffee
  2. Highly clean and hygienic
  3. Long lasting
  4. Simple maintenance

Easy to use, the unit is particularly recommended for offices, shops and small community centres.

Designed and produced entirely in Italy, the coffee machine has a treated steel plate body painted with thermosetting epoxy powders, internal metal parts and a practical stainless steel heated cup-tray. Main features include practicalness, reliability, long life cycle and low maintenance.

On demand the unit can be equipped with hot water delivery that permits you to prepare tea and soluble drinks.

PREPARING THE ESPRESSO COFFEE: Open the front drawer and put the pod on the pod holder. Close the drawer. Press the delivery button and an excellent Italian espresso will be ready in a few seconds.

The unit is equipped with an hydraulic lift system and is available in the CL (classic with manual proportioning) or DA (programmable automatic proportioning by means of flowmeter) versions.


- a steel plate body painted with thermosetting epoxy powders
- 200cc. brass boiler and 1000W heating element

- 3 liters water tank with low water warning light and automatic stop of machine in case of lack of water

- On demand: programmable automatic dosage by flowmeter: long coffee, short coffee, manual delivery

- Stainless steel heated cup tray

- Hot water pipe
- Feeding: - 220/240 V–50/60 Hz or 100/120V–50/60 Hz
- Max. power: 1100W

Net weight:   11.5  kg

Gross weight: 13  kg

Dimensions: P. 360, L. 220, H. 360

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