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  • Unox Glass Ceramic Double Contact Grill -Transparent Flat Bottom and Top
  • Unox Glass Ceramic Double Contact Grill -Transparent Flat Bottom and Top
NZ$ 2,150.00 excluding GST
NZ$ 2,472.50 including GST
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This Italian made contact grill is fast, easy to clean and energy efficient. The Fast Grill System has so many advantages to other machines

  • New Technology "Fast Grill System"
    • Effectuate cooking in a very short time
    • Even cooking on every point of the food's surface
  • Energy Saving
    • Only 130 watt per hour by 300°C
    • Quick warming time: time needed to reach the temperature of 200°C =  2.5 minutes
  • Glass-Ceramic
    • Smooth surface
    • Durable and easy to keep clean, just use the supplied BBQ scraper
    • Unmixed flavours

The Fast Grill System is a new technology applied to Unox contact grills and fry tops. It is comprised of a special heating box SHB Plus, which has a heating element at 800°C and glass fibre thermal insulation, as well as a glass-ceramic cooking surface.

This fast grill system has a new, thinner element which allows it to reach higher temperatures faster and to greatly reduce the warming up time.

The SHB produces infrared rays which pass through the glass-ceramic cooking surface, which increases its efficiency, reduces cooking costs and is energy saving. 

Model XP020PT
Power 3 KW
Plate Dimensions 2 x 250x250 mm
Max Temperature 400 C
Dimensions (WxDxH) 619x458x176 mm
Weight 17 KG

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(07) 3471833

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