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Established in 1967, Food Equipment (NZ) Ltd holds the distinction of being the oldest company in New Zealand dedicated to serving the Hospitality Industry. Through the passage of time, Managing Director Ron Thomas has witnessed the disappearance of numerous hospitality enterprises. However, he takes pride in the resilience of Food Equipment (NZ) Ltd, which has managed to persevere and uphold its commitment to its loyal clientele amid the ever-changing landscape.

Our origins trace back to a dual role of manufacturing and servicing, a legacy that endures to this day. This legacy is particularly evident in our "GUZZINI" Range of Commercial Induction Cooking Appliances (ISO9001 APPROVED), where manufacturing and servicing remain intertwined.

We are pleased to showcase these appliances on our website, each equipped with comprehensive CE, CB, GS, and CQC Certifications for the New Zealand market. Additionally, the units bear the SAA Certificate of Approval.

As we reflect on our participation in significant projects spanning the years, such as Rainbow Springs, Skyline Skyrides, Millennium Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Te Puia, and others, our confidence in the proficiency of our local trade personnel grows. Whether the project is sizeable or modest, our company and its collaborating subcontractors stand ready to embrace any challenge that comes our way.

We look forward to welcoming you at our Showroom to discuss your Hospitality requisite’s.

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