Induction VS Gas?

Induction VS Gas?

How electric stoves are poised to dethrone the mighty gas range


A recent Stanford University study found that gas stoves emit more methane, and could contribute more to climate change, than previously thought. They are also a significant source of the pollutant nitrogen dioxide.

Induction stovetops are also made of ceramic glass, they only heat up when a magnetic pan - think cast iron or magnetic stainless steel – is touching the surface, and they cool to the touch when the pan is removed. They also offer the temperature control that makes gas so popular: When a cook turns the heat down, the temperature drops quickly.

Evan Hennessey, co-owner of Stages in Dover, New Hampshire, designed his restaurant around the versatility and health benefits of induction cooking. He gently challenges any professional chef who thinks induction is inferior. "You can do so much more on induction than gas. The precision cooking allows us to do way more, without compromising the air quality in the kitchen for our guests or our staff."

Posted: Monday 7 March 2022

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