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  • Ascaso i-steel Coffee Grinder -Stainless Steel
  • Ascaso i-steel Coffee Grinder -Stainless Steel
NZ$ 430.43 excluding GST
NZ$ 494.99 including GST
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Download the brochure here:  Ascaso I-steel Grinder Brochure

Technical data
W/h/d dimensions:120/340/225 mm
Power: 250W(i1) 175W(i2)
Voltage: 230 V / 120 V
RPM: 700(i1) 1200(i2)
Mill wheel Ø: 54 mm (I-1) Cones 38 mm (I-2)
Body: Inox
Weight: 5 kg
Production (kg/h): 5(i1) 3(i2)
Hopper capacity: 250 gr

Contact Details

Phone:(07) 3488430
Fax:(07) 3471833

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