Guzzini Double Door Induction Steamer

Guzzini Double Door Induction Steamer

Product size: 1150*810*1850 mm
Voltage / Power:380V,50Hz,30kW, 3 phase
24 trays(tray size:400mmx600mm)
Control: Knob
Display Screen (Wattage)
Material: 304# Stainless Steel




A new dimension in quality volume food preparation.
A better, faster method of cooking, defrosting and reheating. A method that makes food bright with natural colour and succulence. Reduces costs. Automatically turns out foods that are indescribably eye appealing and delicious.
Age old problems finally solved!
Air in a steam environment has proved a major barrier to efficient heat transfer. The GUZZINI Induction Atmospheric Steamer is designed to purge the air from the cooking compartment. It achieves this with a continuous, turbulent flow of pure steam. The radical increase in the efficiency of heat transfer shows that a pressureless pure steam environment is 300% more efficient than a pressurised steam-air environment.

Reasons to choose a GUZZNI Induction Steamer

  • Will not dry out or burn food. GUZZINI Induction Steaming is perfect for keeping moisture in proteins like chicken and seafood.
  • Steam cooking preserves fibre, colour and flavour, especially in vegetables.
  • Preserves vitamins and minerals that can be lost during other cooking processes and keeps the product from losing moisture and nutrients.
  • Efficient heat transfer. Induction steaming requires LESS ENERGY to transfer heat and cook food.
  • Placing product directly into serving pans or dish’s prior to steam cooking reduces labour and time to get food ready to serve.
  • Using GUZZINI  Induction Steamers, time intensive food like root vegetables can be prepared much more quickly and efficiently.
  • GUZZINI Induction Steam Cookers are one of the easiest cooking appliances to clean after use.

 COMMERCIAL Induction Cooking Appliances

Our Guzzini range of induction cooktops, ranges, warmers and steamers are preferred and used by commercial kitchens all throughout New Zealand. Induction cooking heats cooking vessels directly and rapidly using magnetic induction. By using renewable energy rather than traditional flame based fossil fuel, our range of  induction cookers offer a more environmentally friendly option. 

Benefits of Using Induction cooking 

By using Guzzini commercial induction cooking equipment in your kitchen, you too can benefit from:

  • highly accurate temperature control
  • increased safety, with no radiant heat source or open flame
  • faster cooking & improved food quality
  • long life due to induction copper coil energy 
  • no flue heat (gas) for a better working environment 
  • reduced energy usage for lower utility bills
  • quick and easy to keep clean 
  • suitable for multiple types of cooking, including woks
  • low maintenance costs and all Guzzini commercial induction units are supported with after sales service and parts

Order your benchtop, freestanding or drop in induction cooking appliances online from NZ's preferred supplier, Food Equipment.

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