IZZO My Way New Pompei 2 Group Lever Coffee Machine
  • IZZO My Way New Pompei 2 Group Lever Coffee Machine

IZZO My Way New Pompei 2 Group Lever Coffee Machine

The Pompei professional machine is a manual coffee machine which guarantees espresso coffee brewing fully in keeping with Neapolitan tradition.

2 Group
Finishing: stainless steel
Temperature control: pressure switch
Boiler capacity: 12Ltr
Power: 3000/3500W
Control unit: automatic
Level indicator: glass level indicator
Manual loading: yes
Pressure gauge boiler pressure 0/3
Safety valve: certified
Taps: rotary
Water wands: 1-stainless steel
Steam wands: 2-stainless steel cold touch
Weight: 73kg
Size: W66 x D54 x H80cm

100% Made in Italy
NZ$ 7,481.74
NZ$ 975.88 (a 13% discount)
NZ$ 6,505.86 excluding GST
NZ$ 7,481.74 including GST
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 Professional Line New Pompei

Coffee group: IZZO group spring lever with manual pre-infusion

The pressure is not constant, it decreases gradually thus bringing out the best coffee extraction during the initial brewing stage.

Double springs and self cleaning

Boiler: single

Boiler capacity: capacity 12L

Security Valve: yes

Energy Saving: Gas heating upon request

Heating time: 20 minutes (Values calculated at a room temperature of approx. 20c)

Temperature control: pressure switch

Pump: upon request - external. (the machine does not require a pump: brewing pressure is reached mechanically by the lever group piston; however, a rotary pump with a professional external motor can be requested in case of low pressure from the mains water supply or in the case of external tanks for mobile bars.)

Pressure gauge: boiler pressure gauge

LED: indicates that the machine is working

Control unit: Automatic water level regulator

Manual loading: manual loading is possible in the case of malfunctioning of the water level regulator or solenoid valve

Water level indicator: useful for the manual loading of the boiler

Pressure profile: mechanical

PLC: no

Finishing: stainless steel

Upper grid: additional rack for cups and/or mugs

Drip tray: automatic drainage available, distance between drip tray and spout: 8cm

Taps: rotary star type

Tamper: 53mm

Safety thermostat: thermostat for heating element protection

Standard equipment:

  • One 1-spout protafilter
  • Two 2-spout portafilter
  • Tamper with black handle and steel base
  • Steel hose for loading water from the mains
  • Hose for automatic drainage
  • Instruction manual

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